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At-Source provides Acupuncture Treatment in Cheltenham and Winchcombe, Gloucestershire

If you are considering acupuncture as a course of treatment you may be reassured to know that millions of people have been helped through its practice. Whether your condition is predominately physical or emotional in nature, acupuncture can bring you rapid improvements, but even when getting better is a more gradual process life can be enhanced as result of sleeping better and from increased motivation as you become energised and have improved mental clarity.

Examples of what patients are more commonly looking for help with include for example; arthritis, back pain, depression and anxiety, meniere’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome stress or sleep difficulties. Whether your condition is chronic or acute acupuncture could be the answer for you, not least because (and this makes acupuncture particularly popular) it is one hundred per-cent natural i.e. there are no chemical based medications. Additionally treatment is tailored to every individual no matter how similar the condition sounds to be like to another persons. This means there is no experimentation every person’s unique differences are accepted and included in the treatment formulation. The reason why acupuncture treatment is tailored in this way is because the practice views symptoms as the ‘branches’ of illness, not as the root cause. In other words acupuncture treats why you have the condition rather than just clearing up the symptoms and hoping the cause goes away.

When your constitution is restored regular ‘maintenance’ acupuncture (monthly, seasonally or yearly) will help you to maintain good health and well-being, leaving you to live life to your full potential.

Anna Darrock

MBAcC, Licensed Acupuncturist

Could acupuncture help you?

If you have heard about acupuncture but aren’t sure whether it’s the right sort of treatment for you Anna offers a non-obligation 15 minute consultation for £5, alternatively ‘request a call back’ at the top of the page and receive a call at a time suitable for you. Continue reading


"After acupuncture treatment I feel a deep sense of relaxation, having a lot going on in my life I often feel that I am unable to think clearly and acupuncture helps with this. Seeing Anna once a month gives me ‘me’ if that makes sense."-P G, Corse