Fertility and Women's Health Acupuncture

Specialising in an integrated approach to fertility and women’s health care, providing holistic treatment rooted in science

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Anna Darrok BA (Hons)

MBAcC Fertility Specialist

Supporting Women through infertility and hormonal imbalance

Anna BA (hons) and Medical Phlebotomist, is a fertility and women’s health care expert and combines western medical testing with Chinese medicine to get to the root of your fertility and hormonal issues, Putting you back in control of your health and fertility.

Anna has underdone advanced training in Medical phlebotomy, fertility, hormone rebalancing, and pregnancy-related conditions. Anna is a DUTCH test provider, DUTCH testing gives comprehensive insight into hormonal imbalances so that the root cause can be identified and treated. Anna offers a thorough and unique approach to women’s health care, and alongside Acupuncture offers guidance in the following areas which saves couples crucial time, money and worry by ensuring couples:

• Have the correct investigations
• Help you understand and optimise your own fertility potential
• Support you getting to the root of your hormonal imbalances
• Have extensive investigations not routinely done by your GP or fertility clinic such as vaginal microbiome testing

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The ScreenMe tests look at important blood markers, hormones and the microbiome, to give a better understanding of where your body and fertility stands. The results help to tailor treatment so that you can take control of your health and fertility.

The Dutch test gives you a full picture of what both your reproductive and stress hormones are doing over a given period of time. The test helps to identify symptoms of hormonal imbalances by providing a complete picture of your hormone levels which cannot be seen in testing serum (blood) or saliva alone.

Anna is invio trained. The Invivo range offers advanced microbiome-focused testing, looking at, the vaginal and gut microbiome, immune, viral, hormone, metabolic and cardiovascular health and disease.

Anna is a registered health care professional with regenerus lab which offer functional diagnostic testing. Functional testing allows Anna to find the root of health conditions which affect fertility.

Where can I help?

Anna offers support for couples wherever they are in their fertility journey and can help with the following areas:

Female Infertility
Male Infertility
Women's Health
Other Acupuncture services
Vaginal Microbiome
Labour Induction
Pregnancy Related Conditions
Menopausal Symptoms

Fertility and Women's Health Acupuncture

Are you lost in infertility?
Do you need someone to help you make sense of what to do and where to go next?
Have you been told your infertility is just due to your age or low AMH levels?
Are you fed up of being told that it was ‘just bad luck’ and to try IVF again?
Have you been told that you haven’t been trying long enough to start investigations or that all your results are all fine?
Have you suffered recurrent pregnancy loss or repeated implantation failure and are looking for answers?

If so I would love to support you on your fertility journey, book in for a complimentary discovery call and lets get you back on track.

I can support your reproductive health and specialise in the following areas:

• Male and female infertility
• Unexplained infertility
• Recurrent miscarriage
• Support for ART techniques such as IVF
• Menorrhagia (heavy periods)
• Dysmenorrhoea (painful periods)
• Menopause and hormone related imbalances
• Labour induction
• Pregnancy-related conditions

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