Understanding AMH levels

Every month your body recruits hundreds of dormant follicles and starts the process of growing and maturing them. Over the course of 3-4 months these follicles will become more complex and will nurture the egg inside, ensuring they have all the nutrients needed to develop and reach maturation. Many of these dormant follicles won’t make it to be fully matured, they will stop developing due to being either structurally faulty or lacking the right nutrients or environment to thrive, this results in less follicles making it to the stage where they secrete Anti Mullerian hormone, known as AMH. Although we can’t roll back the years in terms of genetics, by improving the ovarian environment in which the eggs are grown, there is a potential for more follicles to make it to be fully matured which means an increase in AMH levels. AMH levels show how many follicles are currently reaching the developed stage, and not how many dormant follicles your body has, this means AMH levels can’t tell you exactly how many eggs you have left.

Having low AMH levels does not automatically mean your eggs are of poor quality. If you have been told your AMH levels are low for your age, then it’s worth investigating whether the environment your eggs are developing in are causing your AMH levels to drop prematurely.

Things That Can Negativity Affect the Ovarian Environment and Decrease AMH Levels

– Vitamin D deficiency
– Anaemia
– Inflammation
– Issues with the vaginal microbiome for example an infection
– Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Recent infection or illness
– Smoking and vaping
– Poor gut health
– Poor sleep
– Poor regulation of blood sugar

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