Signs that your Fertility is Improving

I often hear my clients say – how will I know my fertility is improving, how will I know if I’m on the right track?

Blood tests are a great way to check improvements in hormone levels, but how you feel in yourself and your general health are key markers when it comes to fertility potential.

Fertility Acupuncture can help optimise your fertility potential and in clinic we look at the following areas as ways to assess if things are heading in the right direction:


You have more energy, that does not come from caffeine. If you are fuelling your body with the right nutrition and balancing your blood sugars you should see a consistent flow to your energy with no afternoon slumps. 


You’re sleeping better – sleep is crucial to hormone health and fertility. If you’re getting to sleep easier, waking less throughout the night and waking up feeling more refreshed, we know this is going to have a positive impact on your fertility. 

Menstrual Health

Your Menstrual health is improving; this means your cycle is regular, your are not experiencing severe period or ovulation pain, PMS is minimal, your period flow is not clotty and there is no spotting before your period starts. Good menstrual health is one of the foundation of good fertility.


Digestive issues resolve. Digestive issues can cause wider inflammation in the body which can affect your fertility. If you notice your digestion improving, you have less bloating and your bowels are regular (i.e. no constipation), this is a sure sign that your hormone health will be much improved and thus your fertility. 

By listening to your body and the subtle changes, you can see your fertility improving. Good general health reflects good fertility, the better you feel  physically and emotionally the more chance you are giving your body to conceive. 

Fertility Acupuncture is not just about acupuncture, it encompasses holistic fertility, which includes looking at a person as a whole, making sure that your nutrition, exercise, supplements, sleep, lifestyle is all working with you not against you to help you conceive. 

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