Tips to Enhance Egg Quality

While it is true that a female’s egg quality is heavily weighted by genetics, for example, some women might carry genetic mutations that lead to defects in the maturation of human oocytes (eggs). Some women may have poorer egg quality at a younger age, however oocytes are cells just like other cells in our body and through lifestyle, nutrition and acupuncture you can enhance what you are born with.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet contributes to your overall health, as well as improving egg quality, and boosting overall fertility. Start to incorporate a Mediterranean diet into your life, which consists of a variety of colorful fruits, vegetables, omega 3 fats and protein and try to limit the amount of sugar and alcohol consumed. 

Well Being

Stress levels can play a huge role in unsuccessful conceptions. Whether it’s from work or other stressful environments, stress is known to produce hormones such as cortisol which can result in late ovulation, long term chronic stress can impact your fertility.  Starting Well being activities such as meditation, yoga, light exercise and fertility acupuncture can all help to reduce stress. Click through to our latest blog post to find out more.  

Stop Smoking

Smoking is known to significantly reduce the quality of a woman’s eggs. This is due to cigarettes being made up of chemicals that can mutate the DNA in your egg cells, which results in eggs becoming inadequate for conception and the probability of birth defects may increase. It’s also important to add that the number of eggs will reduce with age, so it’s advised to keep eggs healthy and free of unnecessary chemicals when trying to conceive. 

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