Fertility Acupuncture

There can be many factors involved in why one in seven couples experience fertility issues. Over the years, Anna has seen women who are desperate to understand why they are not conceiving or why they have had several failed IVF attempts. You may feel you have exhausted all medical tests and procedures without answers, which is where Anna can help guide you on your fertility journey.

Fertility acupuncture is the process where small, thin needles are placed into specific areas of the body, which can aid stimulation in the nervous system. This results in endorphins being sent to our immune system, hormonal system and cardiovascular system which all play a part in conception. To find out more about the benefits of fertility acupuncture, take a look at our ‘How Fertility Acupuncture works’ blog

Many women struggling with infertility have already had the baseline tests to measure certain fertility markers. One of those markers is the Antral Follicle count (AFC) which shows the number of follicles that are about to develop into potential eggs. This is used along with Anti-Mullerin Hormone (AMH) as a marker for the success of IVF. Being diagnosed with a low AMH level can often leave women feeling disheartened, some may have already had multiple IVF cycles without success. 

Research has shown that AMH levels (number of follicles that are about to develop into potential eggs) can change and that with the right lifestyle changes and fertility acupuncture treatment, the Antral Follicle level can be increased. A study on women going through IVF with low ovarian reserves found that fertility acupuncture can increase the number of oocytes (immature eggs) retrieved and these embryos were of higher quality than those who had not had fertility acupuncture.

Anna seeks to understand each person as a whole, as fertility is seen as much more than just the mechanics of the reproductive cycle. For example, to enhance your fertility, it is crucial to understand how your emotions, energy levels, weight, exercise, sleep and menstrual cycle are impacting on your fertility. By improving those factors, and embarking on fertility acupuncture treatment, you can greatly improve your chances of conception.

In order to fully optimise your fertility, and prepare your body for a pregnancy, it is recommended you start fertility acupuncture at least 3 months before trying to conceive or starting an IVF cycle. This allows enough time for any lifestyle changes and treatment to be most effective.