Booking an Appointment

If you'd like to work with Anna appointments are available in person in two locations in Cheltenham or remotely. Appointments can be booked using the link at the bottom of this page. Anna offers a complimentary 15 minute discovery call to start your work together.

Ways to work with Anna

Fertility Acupuncture £120

Acupuncture Consultation and Treatment.

During a consultation we will go through a full fertility and health history. I will review your blood tests, scan results, and where necessary, recommend additional blood tests, scans, sperm testing and microbiome testing to get to the root of your fertility needs. A report will then be provided with recommendations and a treatment plan.
Please read 'How Anna Works' before booking an appointment.

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Book a 15 minute Discovery Call

If you'd like to speak with Anna to discuss your treatment needs, then book in for a complimentary discovery call.
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Fertility optimise programme £740

A 3 month programme paid over two months, to optimise your fertility. It takes 90 days for an egg to mature before ovulation, and for lifestyle changes such as Acupuncture, Nutrition and Supplements to improve egg quality. This Programme will support you in finding the root cause of your fertility issues, and Includes a 90 minute fertility Consultation to review your fertility journey so far, including a full review of your medical history, blood tests and scans. A report will then be provided with my recommendations for further tests, lifestyle advice and your Acupuncture Treatment. There are 12 weekly Acupuncture sessions included. Please read 'How Anna Works' before booking an appointment.
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Other Acupuncture Service

Booking for other Acupuncture Treatments including; perimenopause, problem periods, hormone health and pregnancy symptoms.
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Remote Appointments

Are for those who can't get to the clinic to see Anna, or who would like Fertility guidance as a stand alone appointment without Acupuncture. A remote consultation allows Anna to review your fertility journey so far and offer guidance to improve your fertility and the next steps to take to increase your chance of conceiving. A remote appointment includes; a full fertility and health review, including a review of blood tests, scans and lifestyle guidance. Where necessary recommendations for additional scans, blood tests and support to help you with the next steps of your fertility journey.
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