Assisted Reproductive Technology

Acupuncture can support couples preparing for IVF and ARTs. We recommend starting treatment as soon as possible before commencing an IVF/IUI cycle, ideally 3-6 months. This is because research shows it takes this amount of time to impact both egg and sperm quality.
Acupuncture treatment is then given at specific times around an IVF/IUI cycle to optimise the chances of success.

IVF and ARTs support:

• Preparation before the start of IVF and IUI
• Supporting the body during a cycle
• Help relieve any anxiety and stress
• Pre and post embryo transfer
• During the two week wait
• During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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Research has shown that acupuncture can help increase the success rates of IVF by 65%

During an initial consultation we will go through your health and fertility history to ensure all areas that could impact your fertility are explored which will increase your chances of success.
The following areas will be covered:

• Menstrual Cycle Health
• Digestive System
• Vaginal Health
• Immune system function Health
• Sleep
• Lifestyle
• Stress levels
• Potential male factor issues