How Fertility Acupuncture Works

What is fertility acupuncture?

During an acupuncture session fine needles are inserted into specific areas of the body which have been shown to stimulate the nervous system which in turn sends chemical messengers to our immune system, hormonal system and cardiovascular system to promote health. There are numerous benefits to fertility acupuncture, and here is just a few:

Helps Reduce Stress levels

Fertility acupuncture has been shown to help reduce stress, which plays a huge role in the conception process. Stress can be capable of interfering with a woman’s menstrual cycle, which can result in no ovulation, irregular periods, and sometimes no periods at all, resulting in fertility issues. 

Acupuncture helps to reduce stress levels by inserting needles into specific pressure points, which then releases endorphins to the brain. The whole process of acupuncture is also very relaxing, once the needles are placed you are able to lie quietly on a comfortable table, usually with calming music and lighting. By reducing your stress levels, you can optimise your endocrine system and help balance hormones, giving you the best chance of conceiving. 

Increases Blood Flow

Fertility acupuncture has been known to improve blood flow and egg quality. Ovarian follicles and their eggs grow from the ovarian blood supply, which carries relevant hormones and nutrients. If blood flow is compromised in any way, this could result in fewer good quality eggs. Fertility acupuncture can increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries by relaxing the walls of blood vessels. 

Improves Male Factor

In couples that are struggling to conceive, it’s been researched that over 40% of fertility issues are male factors. This is mainly due to external factors such as excessive drinking and smoking, poor diet, long working hours, and exposure to electromagnetic devices. In the same way as the female, fertility acupuncture can have a positive effect on the male uro-genital tract. Acupuncture can help improve sperm parameters, as well as sperm motility.  

If you’re wanting to learn even more about fertility acupuncture and the other health conditions it can aid, take a look at our female infertility page.

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