Fertility Acupuncture for Males

Male infertility is more common than people think. Often men have only had a basic semen analysis and unless the results are extremely poor, no further action is taken. Frequently men are told poor sperm can be fixed through IVF, this is often misleading. Poor sperm can have implications on implantation and maintaining a pregnancy and so it’s important to get to the root of what could be driving unhealthy sperm. This can be done by investigations for hormone issues, ultrasound for a varicocele, cysts and prostate issues and DNA fragmentation test. A referral to a specialist urologist who specialises male infertility is often  needed. If nothing structural is found then acupuncture can lifestyle changes are very effective at improving sperm quality. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the benefits that fertility acupuncture can have in males, in addition to external factors that you can implement into your daily routine to increase the chances of a successful conception. 

Improved Sperm Count

Fertility acupuncture treatment for males can greatly improve sperm production, motility and quality. It achieves this by increasing blood flow and nerve conductions to the gonads, which improves the production of sperm, hormone signalling and temperature regulation. It’s recommended to receive acupuncture regularly for at least 2-3 months in order to see a significant change in sperm count, as this is the same time period as spermatogenesis (the body’s process of producing sperm).

Increases Testosterone levels

Low testosterone will occur when a male has less than 300 nanograms per deciliter. Research suggests that having low testosterone levels correlates to struggling to conceive naturally. For example, sperm count, a reduction in sex drive, and erectile dysfunction can be caused by low levels of testosterone which all affect a successful pregnancy. Fertility acupuncture is one of the best methods to support your testosterone hormones.

External Factors

Besides regular acupuncture treatment, there are specific lifestyle choices that can greatly improve the chances of a natural conception.


Firstly, diet is a huge factor in regards to healthy sperm development. Try to eat a healthy, balanced diet and remove processed foods. Increase the intake of fruit and vegetables, healthy fats and water. The Mediterranean diet is very beneficial for sperm quality. Taking a high-quality multi-vitamin also aids sperm production. Look out for vitamins such as Zinc, Selenium, Folic acid and vitamins C and D.

Regular Exercise

It’s important to maintain a healthy body weight and exercise regularly. Try to avoid exercises that increase testicular temperature and facilities such as a sauna and hot tub as heat can damage sperm. For more information on external factors, take a look at our male fertility guide.

At Source Acupuncture

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