What Happens During a Consultation?

Deciding who to work with on your fertility journey can be complex, there is so much advice online and many different avenues to pursue.

Often when I see clients for the first time they have had a multitude of blood tests which have been deemed ‘ok’ by their GP, they maybe waiting for a fertility referral or pursuing private treatment, however most have never had someone take the time to really explain what all these tests mean.

The majority of clients I see fall into suboptimal range which mean their results maybe be ‘passable’ for the NHS criteria but they certainly aren’t optimal for fertility, which mean crucial parts of their fertility jigsaw puzzle are left missing.  

During a Fertility Acupuncture consultation we take the time to go through each of your results and piece together what is impacting your fertility and then we take steps to explore and remedy.  This month alone our investigations have uncovered a hidden autoimmune issue just from thoroughly investigating a ‘passable’ thyroid result, and a suspected PCOS picture that presented as low progesterone.

Finding these issues and putting the steps in place for clients to get the treatment they need transforms their fertility journey and puts them one step closer to parenthood. 

Here is a review from a lovely client.

” I wish I had found you sooner, we have been trying to conceive for 7 years and were told IVF would be our only chance as my AMH was very low. This ended up not to be the case and I am now 13 weeks pregnant , Thank you!!

If you’re lost on your fertility journey and want someone to put you back on track come and see me for a fertility acupuncture consultation, I absolutely love helping clients become parents! 

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