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Stress Relief

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that uses subtle diagnostic techniques that has been developed and refined over the 2000 years of practise. It works by keeping the body’s energy flowing and in balance. This energy, also known as Qi (‘chee’), flows through the body in channels called meridians. Traditionally, if the Qi cannot flow freely through the body this can cause illness. Acupuncture is respected as an effective therapy and is recognised throughout the world. Acupuncture identifies that the mind affects the wellbeing of the body and so both are treated as a whole system.


Millions of people in the UK experience stress every day whether that be work- related or caused by alcohol, smoking, exams, death in the family, pregnancy, lifestyle, moving, divorce, drugs, poor nutrition or unemployment. There are many signs of stress which are different for everyone; you may suffer from a selection of these and this will vary for each person. Stress may manifest physically as an illness, tiredness or lethargy. Stress may also have symptoms such as dull skin, lank hair, sore tight muscles, anger, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, frustration, confusion, jealousy or withdrawal. There are many ways to relieve stress, medication such as anxiety drugs are an option as well as relaxation techniques or behavioural therapy. Acupuncture is another technique used to relieve stress and has proved very effective.

Acupuncture works in reducing stress levels by stimulating the nerves and the muscle tissue, which acts as a way of achieving the body’s best possible health the process encourages a sense of physical and emotional wellbeing and comfort to boost natural healing. Acupuncture is ideal for treating patients who suffer with stress, anxiety, by relieving the physical symptoms caused in the back, neck and shoulders that are causing pain and tension. Patients who suffer from stress may also find they have high blood pressure, which can also lead to migraines. Acupuncture can relieve this and also improving the flow of blood through the body to leave the patient feeling calm and relaxed.

Other ways in which acupuncture reduces stress, particularly the anxiety that is caused by stress, includes acting on areas of the brain to help reduce sensitivity to paranoia, pain and stress. Acupuncture also promotes relaxation by “deactivating” the analytical part of the brain. The therapy will regulate the body’s neurotransmitters (or their modulators) and hormones to alter the brain’s mood chemistry, reducing any negativity.

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Could acupuncture help you?

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"I had sciatica for a few months when someone suggested having acupuncture treatment. After a few sessions I noticed the pain was much better especially after horse riding which was when the sciatica was normally at its worst. After a few more sessions the sciatica has gone completely."-K C, Corse