Emma’s story

Emma age 37 came to see me after multiple failed frozen embryo transfers (FET) Emma had a thyroid condition, low AMH for her age and very heavy periods resulting in low iron levels. The couple were also dealing with male factor fertility issues, further complicating the picture.

Before Emma underwent a FET for the final embryo she had stored, we spent several months working on her menstrual cycle to reduce her heavy periods which was successful, and her iron levels started to recover and so did her energy levels. We also sought specialist treatment for her thyroid in order for it to be monitored every 6 weeks.

We ran a vaginal microbiome test and addressed the dysbiosis that we found. Emma's husband also came for treatment too (it takes around 3 months for sperm to regenerate so we wanted to be ahead of the game in helping to improve his sperm quality if a fresh cycle of IVF was needed) After a poor semen analysis result, we referred him to a urologist who specialises in male fertility who diagnosed a varicocele. The size of the varicocele was boarder line and so it was decided that it was not at this time appropriate to repair it. However we continued with acupuncture to improve blood flow and lifestyle and nutrition changes to support sperm quality.

In the mean-time we worked on optimising Emma’s health and fertility and when we saw improvements in her menstrual cycle, thyroid function and vaginal microbiome, it was time to try again, the transfer was successful and Emma is now the mother of a beautiful healthy baby girl.

When under going an embryo transfer whether from a fresh IVF round or a FET It’s not just the quality of the embryo that is important. Making sure the uterine environment is receptive and ready to nurture an embryo is critical. Research has shown that dybiosis of the vaginal microbiome can cause the loss of an otherwise healthy embryo.

'Thank you for all your help and guidance on our fertility journey, we are so grateful for your knowledge, the work you do is simply brilliant' Emma