Claire’s Story

Claire age 42 came to see me initially after 2 failed IVF rounds. It was a very difficult time emotionally for her and I remember how deflated she felt at our first meeting which was right after another failed implantation. After a deep dive into her health and fertility history we came up with a plan to support her which included improving her menstrual cycle, general health, and digging into the possible reasons of why her previous IVF rounds had not been successful.

Claire agreed to hold off going for another round of IVF until this preparation work was done. This took several months and involved encouraging her hormones into a healthier pattern, investigating the underlying cause of her previously failed IVF- which led to a medical procedure being carried out, and addressing the areas of her health that needed work. After I was sure that we had covered every angle she resumed another round of IVF which was successful and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy of 9lbs.

Claire's story doesn’t end here as she always dreamed of a family with at least 2 children. When her little boy was 18 months old, she resumed treatment, and we set to work restoring hormone health and preparing for another IVF round. Sadly this ended up in a miscarriage at 6 weeks. Having a miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy is devastating. Claire was worried about her age and was considering her next step of donor egg treatment.

After supporting Claire through her miscarriage and treating to re-establish her cycle, Claire had her last embryo transferred. This was successful and her family of two boys is now complete.

Being able to work long term with Claire to support her trying to conceive not once but twice was a privilege, it was not an easy journey, there were plenty of twists and turns along way the way, but I was able to help her navigate through the process and get her in the best possible shape to conceive.

Claire's story really reflects the importance of not rushing into another IVF cycle, by tracking her BBT chart we could see the improvements in her menstrual cycle from the work we were doing, at points Claire was keen to try another round but waited until we were sure that we had every angle covered from her menstrual cycle to advocating with the fertility clinic in regards to the protocol she was on and the medication used, ensuring she was being followed at each step of the way, making sure nothing was over looked.

'Thank you for all your support, advice and treatment in helping us get here, two beautiful boys, we can't thank you enough'. Claire