Recurrent miscarriage

Recurrent miscarriage

Repeated miscarriages are extremely distressing for couples. The current guidelines state that recurrent means at least 3, however we believe this is too many.

Anna aims is to help guide you to further investigations which may not have been done, to get to the root of why you are miscarrying. Getting the right help at the right time can save couples more heartache.

IVF failures can also fall into this same area, and often instead of having multiple round of IVF further tests need to be done to try and find out why IVF has not been successful.

Through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we can offer extra understanding go your physiological state to help get to the root cause of fertility issues. It may be a nutritive issue, there may be an underlying undiagnosed asymptomatic (no symptoms) STI or GUI (sexually transmitted disease / genito-urinary infection), it may be about the health of the endometrium, it may be an issue of too hot or too cold (something we can uniquely diagnose and treat).

Anna aims to work alongside your western medical testing, as the investigations from this can often enhance the picture of understanding. Sometimes it may be an immunilogical reason, a chromosomal issue, possibly an auto immune issue, or possibly a thrombophilic (blood clotting) issue.

As with 'unexplained infertility', sometimes there is no obvious explanation or reasoning from the western medicine perspective.

The Chinese diagnosis can be very helpful in these circumstances as it may offer a reasoning that is not included in the western lexicon. We seek to support you through whatever treatment your fertility clinic wish to prescribe.