Rheumatic Diseases


In the autumn months Rheumatic diseases are very common due to the exposure to low temperatures causing increased sensibility and joint pains. Arthritis is a type of rheumatic disease that causes stiffness, pain, progressive joint destruction and deformity; as a result arthritis can reduce physical function, quality of life and life expectancy. This cause of arthritis is yet to be known however, smoking, obesity and diet have been implicated as risk factors. Many patients use acupuncture to help with the pain from rheumatic diseases. Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system, releasing neurochemical messenger molecules that help to promote physical and emotional well-being. Acupuncture stimulates the nerves in the muscles and other tissues in the body to release natural endorphins to relieve the pain; microcirculation is also increased during acupuncture therapy sessions to help the dispersal of swelling.

The aim of the treatment it to control the pain experienced with rheumatic diseases and to additionally control inflammation, reduce joint damage and loss of function to help improve the patient’s quality of life.

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