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Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, characterised by being very red with scaly plaques on the surface of the body particularly the elbows, knees, hands and scalp. The condition affects around 2% of the UK population and range from being very mild to being severe enough to cause physical, social and psychological disability. Psoriasis can flare up at any time, with no known cause, although there is a genetic component to the disease, it is a difficult condition to cure. Avoiding drugs and excessive alcohol consumption and smoking can help to reduce the flare up of the disease.

Skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema have a variety of symptoms that acupuncture can help to reduce in order to maintain the body’s well-being. Some of these can be physical or emotional as well as environmental. Acupuncture has become commonly used to help to reduce these symptoms for patients suffering with these skin problems. Acupuncture can be used alongside other therapies or medicines, such as daily herbal medicine procedures, to get the best results with the maintaining of symptoms caused by psoriasis.

Fertility Acupuncture Effective Acupuncture Treatment

Fertility Acupuncture Effective Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture helps by stimulating certain points of the brain that reduce sensitivity to pain and stress.

This can help hugely in dealing with the emotional symptoms to psoriasis but also help with the pain caused by the inflammation. By promoting release of vascular and immunomodulatory factors and increasing local microcirculation acupuncture can help to reduce inflammation to the skin and aids the dispersal of swelling. Acupuncture can also help enhance the natural killer cell activities and modulate the number of immune cell types to reduce the volume of inflammation cause. 

Could acupuncture help you?

consultation with us can help to determine what treatments we can offer the help with psoriasis and how many sessions will be needed to help maintain the improvements.