Nerve damage can result from a wide range of conditions including hereditary disorders and diabetes, it is classified according to the type or location of nerves affected.

Neuralgia can affect any nerve in the body, however the symptoms are often similar including; tingling, temporary or permanent numbness and a sensation of burning.

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) affects the nerves of the face, the trigeminal nerve is one of the 12 pairs of nerves attached to the brain, the nerve has 3 branches, more than one branch of nerve can be affected by the disorder. TN can cause extreme sudden facial pain, attacks can occur in quick succession or can last a long time, the attacks can often occur out of the blue and are often debilitating.

Neuropathy is a group of conditions in which the nerves of the peripheral nervous system are damaged or destroyed, for example Peripheral neuropathy is when the problem affects the nerves outside brain and spinal column, for example the extremities- legs, feet, and toes.

The cause of Neuropathy is often unknown and is often classed as ‘progressive’ in nature, suggesting overtime symptoms can worsen. There is often limited treatment available.

Acupuncture may offer important therapeutic benefits for many types of Neuralgia and neuropathy. Acupuncture is thought to stimulate blood flow to restore nerve damage and decrease inflammation.

Could acupuncture help you?

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