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Menopausal Symptoms and Acupuncture

The menopause is known as the last stage of the menstrual period and often occurs around the ages of 45 to 56 and can last around 4 years, however some woman have experienced the menopause for up to 12 years. The change in hormone levels causes a decrease in the amount of oestrogen in a woman. Acupuncture is used to restore the balance of the body’s well-being physically and emotionally when the body experiences illness or disruption to comfort. During the menopausal period of a woman’s life a variety of symptoms such as hot flushes, insomnia, tiredness, depression and absent mindedness are very common. This can be very distressing for a number of women and can quickly start to affect normal daily life. Acupuncture can be used to help reinstate the body’s well-being particularly emotionally for the patient.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is the most commonly used conventional medical treatment and is a short term treatment for the menopausal symptoms in the UK. However acupuncture can also be used to help reduce the discomfort caused at this time. Acupuncture helps by increasing relaxation and reducing tension in the body by altering the brain’s mood chemistry to increase endorphins. The stimulation of nerves to release endorphins allowing the body to relax easier and helps to stop insomnia and depression.

A consultation with us can answer your queries about the treatments used to help with the menopausal symptoms and how many therapy sessions may be required to maintain a healthy balance. Contact us for more information or to arrange a consultation, alternatively use the Call Back Request button at the top of the page and we will call you back.


Could acupuncture help you?

If you have heard about acupuncture but aren’t sure whether it’s the right sort of treatment for you Anna offers a non-obligation 15 minute consultation for £5, alternatively ‘request a call back’ at the top of the page and receive a call at a time suitable for you. Continue reading


"I came to see Anna because I was struggling with menopausal symptoms; hot flushes and headaches mainly but I had also been feeling low for a while which was out of character for me. After my first session my mood really lifted and more gradually I also saw a reduction in the other symptoms. I am so pleased that I had acupuncture and have since recommended a good friend to Anna for treatment."-Helen Hurdman, Evesham